RELEASED: 30/06/2017
ARTIST: Ishaq Ayubi
LABEL: ABx Productions
Allah Hu

Fifth Nasheed single release by Ishaq Ayubi

This Nasheed constantly reverberates around the excellence of pondering over Allah’s creation and the realisation that It is only Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وتَعَالَى who has made it all for you.
Quraan  – Surat Al-Nahl: “And he has made subservient for you the night and the day and the sun and the moon, and the stars are made subservient by his commandment; most surely there are signs in this for a people who ponder.” [16:12]

Allah Hu Lyrics

Written by Ishaq Ayubi
[Transliteration with Translation in brackets where applicable]


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x24|


Verse One:
Do you see the skies, it stands without pillars
Don’t you realise, no man can do this work
He is the one who created it with perfection
He sends down rain from above in abundance


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x16|


Verse Two:
Ya Allahu, Ya Kareemu,       (Oh with the Greatest name, Oh the Generous,)
Ya Azeemu, Ya Gafuru,       (Oh the Maginficent, Oh the Forgiver & Hider of faults,)
Ya Shakuru, Ya Wadood       (Oh the Rewarder of thankfulness, Oh the Loving One)


Ya Allahu, Ya Azeemu,       (Oh with the Greatest name, Oh the Magnificent,)
Ya Haleemu, Ya Hakeemu,       (Oh the Forbearing, Oh the Perfectly Wise,)
Ya Mateenu, Ya Waleeyoo       (Oh the Forceful One, Oh the Governor)


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x8|


Verse Three:
Every leaf that’s on a tree, every stone that’s scattered around
Every fish that’s in the sea, every creature on the ground
They all are singing and praising their lord
Even though we may not hear it he listens to it all


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x16|


Verse Four:
Kalam e Nabuwat saat se mera, zikr hee kartahu tera       (Kalam e Nabuwat is with me always, devotions I do only for you)
Dil kee gehrahee me hai, naam sirf teraa       (In the depth of my heart, is only your name)
Tere bin jee nahee lagna, tere bin kuyee naam nahee       (Without you life is not worth living, without you there is no other)
Khaliq too hai, Mailk too hai, too hai Maherbani       (Creator you are, King you are, you are Kindness)


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x14|


Verse Five:
The different seasons, have various reasons
We only worship Allah to please him
The reward that we get from him is great
Everlasting, overwhelming Jannah is its name


Chorus: Allahu |Repeat x32|

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