Ishaq Ayubi is a British nasheed artist of Indian and Burmese origin, born on 26th June 1992.
After devoting the early stages of his life studying and propagating Islam, he recently began writing inspiring nasheeds and refreshing poetry.
Ishaq Ayubi intends that his work will instil and ignite deep connections between enthusiastic listeners and their Merciful Lord, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وتَعَالَى.
Thank you for visiting my official website and hope that you enjoyed the content.
In Sha Allah إن شاء الله (God Willing) there will be more to come.
Your welcome to check out the rest of the pages on this site as there are lots of inspirational nasheed samples to listen to with videos and pictures to see….perhaps you can even join Me at an an Event near You!
So, connect, share and come back to visit us soon.



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